Often meaning "weird" or "awkward"
I don't want to meet your parents, because that would be totally sketch.
by Vladster April 28, 2006
a situation that is out of the ordinary. People develop a sketch factor and the amount of sketch that appears in their life is based on their tolerance for it. Ie: the higher your initial tolerance, the more sketch you will ultimataly encounter.
Katie and Dom have way to much sketch in their lives.
by kater tater April 02, 2003
A word used to warn someone that a person of authority is coming!
Lads Sketch the teachers coming!
by Lenord 'Sangbov' Dronel February 15, 2003
A female by the name of Caroline Polatty.
Carol is the sketchiest cat ever.
by thehandler2424 November 20, 2010
1. Wilson*, Mo*, Rebecca*

2. People who stalk others on facebook.

*all fictional names, they are not actually real people.

KEVIN'S FACEBOOK STATUS: "Kevin is struggling"
OUR COMMENT: "With what?... Maybe we can help."

"Dude, why are you sketching on my profile?!"

"Wow that is soo sketch"

*This is only an example, not a real situation.
by REBILMO! April 12, 2009
an abnormally tall person, dog, or monster who thinks that another person (who is NOT sketch at all) is sketch.

when in reality, the sketchiest person AT THE TABLE is them.
I cant believe Emily M would call Justin a sketch, when she's totally the sketch one here.
by babababa March 03, 2008
A completely and utterly redundant slang word. "Sketch" is perfectly synonymous with "sketchy". So, what's the point? Don't use it. Use "sketchy" instead.
If you use "sketch" instead of "sketchy" you may want to have your head examined.
by aleatorystory October 29, 2007
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