To be of a sketchy nature.
A person or thing that is out of the ordinary or suspicious
One who has similar characteristics to a sketchbag aka Chris Adoian

Word first invented by Shant Terteryan
that person is a sketch
by shantt February 27, 2012
someone who is a slut, or who is a big flirt. usually is very rude, dresses inapprpriatley
1-Did you see Madison today, flirting with Jase, he has a girlfriend!
2- I know! She is such a sketch!
by Gooper123 November 10, 2011
Meaning when something is scary, or when you are totally

anxious/nervous about something...
"Dude, that BMX race was SO sketch! Did you see those jumps!"

"I know! Bill almost ate **it!!"
by StarReigh October 06, 2011
sketch is a social group that is like punk but more weird they dye there hari crazy colors and get many piercings they wear clothes that will usually get people to look at them and think wtf are they gnna rob the store but they like scaring people and making people feal sketched out what separates them from punks is the way the are they don't goto party's or hangout with anyone much they usualy hang out in graveyards and always have storys about times they've gotten hurt never start a fight with a sketch cause they always are ready for a fight and they always have a knife or blade on them all they do for fun is cause chaos and fight
hey you see that guy hes a fuckin sketch
by thesketch666 April 03, 2011
a word used by cool Arizonians. Specifically girls. Clearly used as a shortened version of sketchy, or used when something is out of place. This word is claimed by JenKalKir.
You're so fetch it's sketch. Wow, that car is so sketch.
by JenKalKir March 23, 2011
Sketch is defined as, "anyone who has over fourteen different shots of PIB without even one shot of DMUL, also anyone who on a normal Monday night after an organizational meeting designed to effect the school's catholic life style and enforce moral behavior would be caught sneaking in their sketchness on said school's property"
A young man by the name of Colly and a young woman by the name of Jammy meet after a school function to be "sketch" in front of everyone leaving the function, causing a scene.
by Mr.PibandCalli April 13, 2009
Word used the same as run, or get away. Often used to warn of incoming authority.
Can also be used as a mean of lookout.
Rosie (smoking): Gon keep sketch for me, just incase a teacher comes down
by Karlalarla July 10, 2006
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