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Slang word that a "plastic" in Mean Girls tried to popularize. Just another way to say cool.
I love your pink suede shoes! Those are SO FETCH!
by Lordy lordy October 09, 2004
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slang for awesome, cool, etc.
First appeared in the 2004 Film Mean Girls by Gretchen.
Gretchen: "That was so fetch!"
Reginia" "Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen."
Oh My Gosh, That is so fetch!
by ayekaebayxo November 17, 2010
an amazing slang for something that is AWESOME!!!!
Oh My God....that is So fetch. pip pip!!
by Straky Bacon March 08, 2009
A term used by Westley in Amazon's old DB to construe Sanpete's repetitive behaviour
Sanpete, you are so fetch.
by best dawgs ever December 28, 2009

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