Noun, person in authority or power such as a teacher, parent or cop. Primarily used in Ireland by kids for any person in authority, to be avoided in order to avoid being busted.

Sometimes sketchers.

No plural, always remains in the singular. Similar usage to 'The Man'(in society) always being used in the singular, even if it refers to multiple people.
We were right in the middle of the prank when John said Sketch was coming, so we just stopped and ran off.

We were smoking some hash at the back of the school when Mike yelled sketch, so we stamped out the, joint and skedadelled.

In some cases the word sketch itself is enough to tell people to stop what theyre doing and even run away if necessary.
#cop #kids #busted #hash #joint
by Stephen F September 26, 2007
1)un-chill, possible cops, un-safe, easy to get caught doing shit.
2)a flaky person, 2-faced person.
"This place is too sketch to smoke"
"He's so sketch, he told me we would hangout today but he never called"
#sketch #flaky #unchill #flake #un-safe #bad
by Alisa September 04, 2006
a creepy emo kid who lurks
look at eli over there being a sketch
#maloney #girl pants #banjo kazooie #nintendo #awkward
by Chris [Z?] January 22, 2008
used jokingly, to call a friend that says that they will show for something (ie: a party, the fair, the movies, etc.) and then "has something to do" at the last moment...or just doesn't show up.
person 1: why didnt john go to the lake with us the other day?
person 2: he "had to go shopping with the family" at the last minute.
person 1: dude what a sketch!!!
#sketch #lame #joke #loser #ditch
by brian61 December 17, 2007
Sketch is an extra-terrestial alien that comes from private room hax.
That's a sketchy mofo.
#sket #sketv2 #wristslitter540 #sketch #sketv3
by cameezy October 01, 2006
(verb) -To focus extreme, obsessive or compulsive attention on an object, concept or project, usually caused by the use of stimulants. Also used with "out" as in to "sketch out".
The phone's not tapped so don't sketch on it.

I've been sketching out on this toaster all night but I finally got it entirely apart.
by sketcher69 December 17, 2004
After you've taken drugs and are coming down from your high, you are indescribably depressed, paranoid and/or hallucinating.
Joe: Oh man, I'm sketching so bad right now.
Cindy: What did you do last night?
Joe: Popped E and snorted K.

Kyle: Why is Bob in the corner staring at the wall?
Molly: Oh, he's just going through sketch.
#sketch #sketching out #drugs #depression #paranoia #hallucinate
by Lily Fleur March 11, 2008
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