Sketch is the nickname of a highly skilled Dance Dance Revolution player, who rose to become the best DDR player in the world circa 2004-2005. Anthony "Sketch" Carella is from New York and started playing DDR in early 2002, according to an MTV interview, because of a break up with a former girlfriend.
Various factors lead Sketch to completely dominate the East Coast DDR community around early 2004 by being able to SDG (Single Digit Great) songs in the video game, including the harder songs in the game ("10 footers") which was at that time impressive. His competitive edge was that he followed a JSB-style of play, where he was able to play songs in the game (in particular difficult songs called "10 footers") on various options, including a mode called shuffle that scrambles the arrows in the game around.
Most of his options scores (options are the modes such as shuffle that made the songs in the game more difficult) have only been surpassed by Johnny "JSB" Sheridan, another known DDR Legend who started playing DDR circa 2002 and became the best in the world at his time for his methodology and consistency. It is said that after a tournament in New York in 2003 which JSB attended, Sketch changed his style of gameplay in relation to JSB.
Sketch retired after a 2005 National Tournament held in the Jacob Javits Center in New York. MTV filmed the victory, where it can be seen on MTVs website or Sketch is also known for competiting in tournaments and beating top tier players without using the bar on the DDR machine, as well as not using speed modifiers to play his songs which allegedly makes the song easier to get a higher score on.
Sketch randomly posts on, where he claims to be retired in DDR and studying business and investing.
"OMG SKETCH!" "Are you SKETCH?!?" "Sketch?"
"Sketch scoring method." "Making a Sketch post."
by DDRMan87 July 10, 2008
adj. typically used to describe a location, person or object that is not at all safe or trustworthy.
" john said this is a tight smoke spot but it looks fucking sketch "

by a_ndy November 30, 2007
NOUN- a person who is sketchy
NOUN sketchball- a person who is sketchy. usually describes guys, hence sketchball.
ADJECTIVE sketchy- questionable, weird, creepy. usually describes behavior or people.
VERB sketch me out- to weird out or to do something very weird that bothers you
omg, look at him. he is such a sketchball.

that kid in the corner is so sketchy. he never talks and always wears those weird gloves and reads mystery novels.

he sketches me out so bad. i try to avoid him because he is so creepy.
by pachikaandroxy2 May 10, 2006
some one who is frigid-too afraid to kiss or do anything more than holding hands........a pussy!

sik mait sik subwo0fer!
1.Seth is such a *SKETCH*. took him 5 fkn years b4 he even touched Jenny!
2.some one who is too shy to ask some one out eg.karl cordial man ... *STEER*
by seth November 29, 2003
An hastily-done abstract drawing. A drawing done without the use of a ruler, compass, or other professional drawing tool.
Every weekend I see some guy at the mall charging five dollars to do a ten-minute sketch of peoples' faces.
by AYB March 04, 2003
A female by the name of Caroline Polatty.
Carol is the sketchiest cat ever.
by thehandler2424 November 20, 2010
1. Wilson*, Mo*, Rebecca*

2. People who stalk others on facebook.

*all fictional names, they are not actually real people.

KEVIN'S FACEBOOK STATUS: "Kevin is struggling"
OUR COMMENT: "With what?... Maybe we can help."

"Dude, why are you sketching on my profile?!"

"Wow that is soo sketch"

*This is only an example, not a real situation.
by REBILMO! April 12, 2009

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