1. When someone is mysterious to you
2. When someone appears mischievous, weird or sneaky
3. Someone who has hidden motives or agendas; untrustworthy; eerie; odd
4. Sparking controversy probably appears sketch but it's different when you're sparking controversy intentionally; it's the ones who do it naturally that you have to watch out for.. That is where the essence of sketchiness lies.
1. He said he was going home and now we see him here with a bunch of beezies we dont know.. Hes sketch.
by thasavvmeister July 02, 2011
1 <adjective> sketch or sketchy
Suspicious, shady, dubious or scary. Can refer to a person, place, situation or object.

2 <verb> to sketch out
To worry or panic. Often used to refer to paranoia induced by smoking weed, but can refer to worrying/panicking when sober. A synonym is prang.
Alan: "Man why did the dealer insist on meeting us here? This place is sketch as fuck!"

Peter: "Stop sketching out! We'll be fine!"

Alan: "Why are you so calm? This dealer is one sketchy motherfucker!"
by stoner_jack March 01, 2011
Usually involving massive amounts of tracing paper, graphic design students often have to produce large quantities of these to present to their over-bearing professor (may be named Han). These are later displayed on a board with tacks, talked about harshly, dissed, crossed out and/or scribbled on. One usually needs to produce multiple sets prior to creating a computer image.

After completion of all the sketches, one must soak their hands in ice water, and take three muscle relaxers for the back pain. A writers callous may sometimes appear, however it will only grow to the size of an acorn.
"Professor Han gave us fifty sketches to do! Piece of cake!"

"Mad sketches kid."

"Tracing paper is really expensive, i wish i could eat and do my sketches."

by CoEn625 April 07, 2009
a word used to describe sketchy, perverted or creepy looking people

the plural form of a sketch- as in the word sketchy

used in NJ
look at all those sketches hanging out in the shadows
by LLEE759 June 23, 2009
_a person who does something behind the scenes that tries to go unnoticed
_a fake friend or toy friend
_a funny doodle of a backstabber
_a loser with no dignity
"Have you seen John lately? No, he is a sketch."
by MissSunkist10 November 05, 2013
a word to describe something that is not legit.
selling drugs on the corner is hella sketch.
by stauyfnhidey February 03, 2008
is when a person acts weird for the randomiest reason
Katie Wulff is the definition of sketch
by Randombutsurlynotsketch August 30, 2010
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