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The male version of Paris Hilton.
Spencer Pratt is a douchebag. He also directed the worst music video of all time.
by Nunofya July 03, 2008
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The Definition of a Douche. First, This guy wouldn't even be famous if he wasn't famous. Second, Who has a flesh colored beard? Third, If this guy can't stay in a jungle for a few weeks for a charity with people watching out for you, you fail at life.
Man, You're Acting like Spencer Pratt.
by Double A to the Ron June 02, 2009
A synonym for the word Douchebag.
Person A: Who's the douchiest person you can think of?

Person B: Spencer Pratt.

Person A: Yeah, good call.

Person B: Some one should murder him.

Person A: Definitely.
by The Flying 69 June 15, 2009
1. The epitome of douchebag.
He thinks he's so famous, but the few people that know who he is, hate his guts.
He should die.
2. The epitome of hypocrite.
3. The grossest thing to grace the face of this planet.
Omg, who's that guy, I've never seen such a dick?

Yeah, that's Spencer Pratt.

by courtneyhatesspencerpratt June 21, 2009
Spencer is a part of the cast of MTV's reality show 'The Hills'. He is the reason the show has not been cancelled. Think about it - if he never started dating Heidi then Lauren and Heidi would still be friends and the show would have no story.

Before he became a part of the cast, Spencer said that he and Brody just decided to date the girls from the show in order to make it interesting. This led to Heidi getting engaged to Spencer and L.C. ending their friendship due to jealousy.

Spencer causes trouble and controversy and that's what makes the show actually watchable. Reality TV needs more people like Spencer Pratt. Some people dislike Spencer simply because they love L.C. and want to have her life, but even they can't deny Spencer is a pimp.
Spencer Pratt is a pimp - he has Heidi Montag all to himself and he get's paid to go to the best clubs LA has to offer.
by FreeWorld808 December 04, 2008

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