comes from the word "sketchy"
commonly used in terms as an adj, originated in California

and is soon to be used nationwide.

it is used to describe an intensely scandalous situation or something outrageously unbelievable.
boy: Heidi and Spencer Pratt weren't at the Hills series finale!
girl: OMG shut up?! that's so sketch

example 2

girl1: I wasn't invited to my best friend's party of the year!
girl2: eeee that's so sketch
by whoelsebetch July 13, 2010
Noun. Coke, meth, heroin or other illicit drugs
I think Doug is in the bathroom doin' some sketch
by Sup plurr January 03, 2012
Applies to someone or something, meaning bad, uncool, uncalled for, strange, disapointing, boring, etc.
-Every one is coming to the party why wont you come?

-I rather stay home and touch my self

-That's sketch
by Turbosketch April 08, 2010
the noun form of sketchy. used to describe sketchy people.
becca: wow jake is such a sketch.

jenna: i knowwww... half
by lallalalamylittleponies August 22, 2009
Karan, Shady, Leaving without notice, Not normal
Dude Karan is so sketch hes been gone for like 2 hours.
by Waseel March 16, 2008
To be of a sketchy nature.
A person or thing that is out of the ordinary or suspicious
One who has similar characteristics to a sketchbag aka Chris Adoian

Word first invented by Shant Terteryan
that person is a sketch
by shantt February 27, 2012
someone who is a slut, or who is a big flirt. usually is very rude, dresses inapprpriatley
1-Did you see Madison today, flirting with Jase, he has a girlfriend!
2- I know! She is such a sketch!
by Gooper123 November 10, 2011

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