A person or situation which is very kee is sick. Not just averagely kee, but kee all the time. Even more kee than an oss guy.
"Ah, sick! That Mex is giving fake expertise!"
by Jesse May 03, 2004
Adj. Must be capitalized. Meaning to be god-like or beyond earthly. Dating to the heroic and god-like powers of the one they call "Sick" on LS2.com.
"That guy is totally Sick"
by Jon April 06, 2004
The word Sick was created in Ramerville in the late 80's The word sick can be used as noun , verb , or ajective . Sick is everything and anything way abouve par .
check out that roll it's Sick !
by Cal Van Clutch November 24, 2003
1. Not feeling well.
2. Cool.
3. Awesomely awesome guy who plays JKA, who just happens to be awesome.
1. I ate a bit too much, and am feeling sick.

2. That game is sick!

3. Sick totally ruined my shit just now, so I said "lykeZOMGFUCKU!!" and left, like the nub I am.
by T3hSickzor August 08, 2005
A adjective that expressive a postive while sounding negative.
Similar to asstastic, wicked, gnarly, tight, insane, killer, and cool.
That trick was sick!
by Heather M. July 11, 2005
Deriving in the late 90's and into the 2000's in the evergrowing death metal scene worldwide the term is used to describe a really killer kick ass band, top notch death metal. Death metal being a form of music whose atmosphere and lyrics are based off of some terrible fictions brutal deaths murders disembowelments, decapitations and necrophilia. Thats "SICK"
If you are in question, just hop in the scene its the "in" word in Death Metal
Dude that new gorgasm CD is totally sick man!
by TortureFiend.com April 10, 2005
cool. see nang.wicked heavy ect.

probably more ugly, stupid black chav's slang.
See that kickflip JC? Sick innit?
by Ruth March 04, 2005
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