Not to be confused with “ill”. “Sick” is a term applied to anything cool or desirable. One could also use “sick” in terms of expressing enthusiasm.
For example:

Jim: “I got you a pet monkey for Hanukah.”

Sally: “Sick!”
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
Sick-adj- a term used when something disgusting occurs or something gross i sited. Also must be said in high pitched voice.
(S. Stanley is caught jerking off in school bathroom)

Carson- Omg dude that was beat as the shit that stays on your but overnight.
You make me sick. There are terrible atrocities happening in the world and you continue to be a horrible human being. You are the reason people hurt. How the hell do you sleep at night. Instead of making the world a better place, you're just.... I have no words for you. You're just a terrible individual.

I can't even conceive how your mind works and how your heart doesn't. You're a heartless bastard!
by love_maiden August 04, 2014
1)To be ill; to be unwell.

2)To be disgusting; to make others feel ill due to your actions.

3)"cool" - one of the most popular words in Chavanese.
1) Ugh, I feel sick.

2) You did WHAT to a horse? You sick bastard!

3) You seen tha new series of Big Brother, it's well sick innit!
by Ookookook April 27, 2009
The illest*. Literally the tightest thing ever. So amazing it will rock your whole world.
My girlfriend is sick in bed all night long my man. *(It should be noted that in this case 'ill' is not referring to being 'sick' as in running a fever or in need of medical care)
by Agent CP June 10, 2008
ambiguous term that either means "wow what a commendable action", or an expression of utter digust.
gu: that beatrice just walked into that tall grass area
gu: and just pissed even though there were like 7 ppl at the bus stop
max: SICK.

Gu: i got a 90% on my math test.
Kenny: That low?
by Max February 16, 2005
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