An object or objects that are exteemly Awsome.
Dude this is sick
by Todd disamor September 12, 2003
horny. so horny.
"I'm so sick." - Flyleaf
"I've been feeling sick since you were introduced to me, let's go upstairs!"
by circeaeaea July 09, 2009
a fucking useless piece of shit, no good, jobless, jail-bound, money owin', gas station stealin, oxycontin fiend, pale faced, black eyed, not so graff writer, scared to fuck a bitch, has to have brass knuckles to fight and still cant get a ko, candy stealin, nasty ass dog havin, like mother-like son lookin ass, pussy ass, day late and dollar shortin, theivin, funny tattoo havin, backseataphobic, wannabe travis barker, attention wantin, gay gauge and lip ring havin, ecstasy butt pluggin, wal-marts most wanted, late to your first day of work, fake survailence camera that dont record havin, hidin everything you own cause your mom is a fiend to, wanna be d.j., half emo half punk half bebe kid half hood 3/4 gay 100% bitch ass nigga.
Isnt that sick? yeah, hes the biggest fuckin piece of i know.

sick? the one that is gettin 5 to 10 years? of course.

sick is sick when he cant get any oc's

man fuck sick. he owes me $110.

didnt someone steal all of sick's paint? yeah cause hes a fuckin bitch.

by sean st. clair October 29, 2006
when something is reali good
simon: that footbal game was sick
ryan: i know yeah you were mint im crap though
by mc kray-zie December 19, 2006
1. awesome, extremely fresh, etc.
2. bad/upsetting
1. "That nollie frontside-flip was sick!"
2. "That guy's hair was sick!"
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
either a movie called "serial insane clown killers" or an interjection pertaining to pure disgust
have you seen SICK?

gu: i just got a 99 on the math test.
ken: only???
gu: SICK
by shanghai krew February 17, 2005
a cool or awsome trick or just something really cool looking
that fall was really sick
by kyle coleman August 24, 2004

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