The totally hot new fiddle player for the Asylum Street Spankers.
Dammit, Sick was hot tonight when he sang "Closer."
by Sasha December 02, 2004
Dope Ill
yoh remember that time that you hooked up wit like 3 girls that night mann dat was Sick!
by hatabitchsmacka February 05, 2004
Used to describe a dope ass ride! Blingin'.
That car is sick, look at those rims!
by Dustin Dizzle September 04, 2003
to get wild with something
You know when I party, I get sick with it!
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
Term brought forth by Adam "Uncle Silvio" Silverstein and was revolutionized with the help of Scott Pollack.....Soon the term swept across the University of Florida, being used at any chance an individual got. From the same language time period as haiires and boomshay.

"Wow, sick move you."

"Sick plus tick."

by Scott Pollack April 04, 2005
Illegal (or illegally, since, as we all know, slang is very versatile.)

Illegal being shortened to ill for those who prefer monosyllabic words, changed to a synonymous word (sick) because meanings don't matter anymore.
1. I think that burning that DVD might have been sick, don't get caught
2. Did you burn that sick?
by Nadia July 20, 2004
the way 2 xpresss uttermost hate
OMg, what a ho, shes SICK!!!
by ~SnSsRoX~ July 16, 2004

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