A neutral, family-based, socio-economic acronym often used to describe oneself: Single Income, Countless Kids
Used as an excuse to avoid a social invitation: "Sorry, can't make it to the after work happy hour. I'm SICK."

Used to place onself in a morally superior position: "I am SICK, and tired of hearing you complain."

Used to respond to a query about one's seemingly zombiefied appearance and lack of human responsiveness (due to lack of sleep): "Don't worry; I'm SICK but it's not contagious."
by goChurch November 03, 2011
An Adjective for something uncool, cheesy, or poorly made
What's up with all the sickness in this movie, yo'!?"
by RobertBeezer May 29, 2010
the sound you make when pretending to knife someone
"SICK, i just knifed you"
by xBOYDx January 05, 2010
Cool; amazing, or otherwise worth mentioning.
Dude, did you see that vaccine they have for Swine flu now? It's SICK!
by Weezeman May 07, 2009
when something is done very well or it looks or sounds cool
wow man that was sick!
by doookkkkkkkkkkkaaayyyyyyyyyy April 11, 2009
Not to be confused with “ill”. “Sick” is a term applied to anything cool or desirable. One could also use “sick” in terms of expressing enthusiasm.
For example:

Jim: “I got you a pet monkey for Hanukah.”

Sally: “Sick!”
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
Sick-adj- a term used when something disgusting occurs or something gross i sited. Also must be said in high pitched voice.
(S. Stanley is caught jerking off in school bathroom)

Carson- Omg dude that was beat as the shit that stays on your but overnight.

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