a verb meaning "to sell drugs"
i used ta shot but stopped when boydem clocked me.
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
1. One who has unattractive physical attributes
2. Someone that is very visually disturbing, and people avoid to look in this person's direction
1. That girl is shot.
2. The boy with the pimples and the huge nose is sooo shot.
by didiAKAhotstuff October 15, 2010
adj. - used to describe something that is not in good shape or is out of commission
"Hey man, why haven't I seen you online in a while?"
"Yo, my computer is straight shot."
"Oh yeah? What happened?"
"Man, that damn Blaster Worm virus got me the other day...."
"Whoa, that's some sauce."
by G. Vinny September 19, 2003
Shots is a fun place to share what you’re doing through selfies and photos. Over a million people have downloaded Shots!
Today, I upload 6 selfies on the new SHOTS app!
by @LayWithMeJustin September 18, 2014
Relative To The Word Thot ( That Hoe Over There ) . Shot - means Stupid Hoe Over There
John: Who You looking at ?
Jim: That Shot Over There
by CgeJake May 12, 2014
Verb: To capture a screenshot.

Noun: A screenshot.

"You need to check this thing out!"
"Shot me it."


"Bro, check out this shot."
by bird875 January 09, 2012
Shot is a word that came from the well known word "Hurt" which means that someone/something is ugly. "Shot" on the other hand is the next step to being hurt. It means you're uglier than hurt. If someone calls you shot, then they are calling you the ugliest of the ugly, the most unattractive person ever, so sucks for you.

This word came from the bay area(san francisco,oakland etc) in California.
I saw this girl that looked like a troll, she was hella shot.

my niggah your shoes are shot as fuck, you need to replace them things.

This ugly ass guy just tried to get at me on the bus and he was soooooo fucking shot!
by fuckyourshitnigga July 10, 2011

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