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If you have "shot" something you have either:
1. Had a gun in condition zero and pulled the trigger on the object or
2. Sold something.
1. "I shot that cann off the wall"

A) I shot them CD's to some fool!
B) I'm gonna shot anything I can till I got enough for my new car
by Logik June 16, 2004
Intensely ugly (said of a person). Like hurt, but more extreme.
Man, that girl Janice is shot.
by Eamon December 12, 2003
the word you say when you want to call front seat (aka shotgun) of a car.
"shot!" or "I got shot"
by conquistador October 15, 2003
Your ugly
Ex) your shot
by Ay baby May 17, 2014
A syononym for shit, but using shot is appropriate when your phone autocorrects shit to shot and you are too lazy or bothered to correct it.
Shot happens.
by intenseshotter July 13, 2011
Out of the loop with social surroundings. Shot!
Bondi: Yo i just killed a bum on Brinkerhoff
Haynes: yo bondi you're shot bro
by CHRIS AND LINDSAY April 17, 2008
Used when something good happens.

Probably a shortened form of 'Great shot!' (sport)
Shot bro! (Thanks!)

SHOT! (Awesome! Brilliant!)
by LGD May 19, 2004