when a human is clueless 25 hours of the day, does nothing productive, and is wasting good air
Nicholas Joseph sat on his ass all day, that kids shot.
#dumb #confused #worthless #lazy #fat
by Khev October 27, 2010
(slang) A common saying in New Zealand, used to signify appreciation or thankfulness. It is a very flexible word that can be used in just about any scenario in which one thanks another...

When used in conjunction with the saying 'G', it is greatly emphasized.

This saying is greatly used throughout the Maori population, and even some Caucasian/Pakeha use this to thank one-another.
Scenario 1
"Yo wassup ma nigga?"
"Nuffin much G, just raxed this cunts chips, you want some you dirty cunt?"
"Shots cuz"

Scenario 2
"Yo nanna, can we get sum fish and chips?"
"Aw, fuck nanna, you the best; Shots"
#shots #maori #thanks #new zealand sayings #new zealand #shot #things white guys can't say
by Just another white guy... November 19, 2013
1. Any kind of alcohol (though normally higher proof beverages) that is served in a shot glass. Many shot mixes exist with varying popularity.

2. When any kind of object's effectiveness diminishes to the point that it's hardly or no longer usable at all; no longer in tact.

3. An opportunity that is typically brimming with pressure.
Example 1: I’m a take a shot of nuvo
Shawty then you know
It’s goin’ down we can go and kick it like judo

2. Coach: How ya feeling?
Pitcher: I don't know coach, my arm feels pretty shot right now. I don't think I can pitch another inning.

3. Eminem: Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity...
to seize everything you ever wanted...one moment-
would you capture it, or just let it slip?
#shto #alcohol #chance #opportunity #alchohol #alcahol
by CREAMGFKilla July 06, 2009
South African word:
1) A reaction; an agreement or confirmation of something
2) An expression of thanks or appreciation

A bit like 'safe' in the UK
1)Philemon: Do you want a beer, bru?
John: Shot, man.

2)Mike: Pass me a beer please, bro... Shot!
#shot #sharp sharp #sharp #cool #safe
by jozi<3er December 15, 2007
Expression used to show approval or gratitude
John: "Haha! I got 10% in my last Math Test!"
Mary: "Shot John! Hi 5!"

Billy: "Can you pass me the butter?"
Tess: "Sure, here you go."
Billy: "Shot."
#nice #sweet #thanks #well done #cool
by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
It is that's hot except you are too lazy to announciate "that's". If you want to sound hood then you say it.
Billy: "Did you just see him trip?"
Bob: "I know...s'hot!"
#thats hot #hot #cool #intense #pretty #sexy beast
by It's MIRANDA May 13, 2008
a needleful of drugs, when you prepare a fix its called a shot
I did a huge dope shot and got pins and needles
#fix #heroin #coke #junkie #needle
by notnomore November 25, 2006
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