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big, jacked, large, strong ,heavy
damm he was diesel when he got out of jail! damm son that fat guy is dieasel
by jackmehoff September 23, 2004
shot:stupid ,ignerant,slow,far from smart,bmac
"damm brennan your shot bad!!" u r so fukin shot!
by jackmehoff September 23, 2004
when a woman puts water in her vagina and shoots it out.
phillis skeeted all over my face
by jackmehoff December 03, 2004
short for "el negro" black guy,
damm theres madd els in this place!
by jackmehoff September 23, 2004
very small dick,doob,little swonse
"dam chris put your doob away your scaring the neighbors""u got a small doobie kidd!
by jackmehoff September 25, 2004

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