Relative To The Word Thot ( That Hoe Over There ) . Shot - means Stupid Hoe Over There
John: Who You looking at ?
Jim: That Shot Over There
by CgeJake May 12, 2014
To get rid of, quickly. Whenever someone says "you should be shot" they always mean someone should boot you out of here immediately. They never mean that you should be killed. It is never meant to be taken literally.
She should be shot and not allowed back, for constantly interrupting that beautiful performance.

Shot her right out of here; I don't want to see her.

If you want my advice, I'd get shot of her - She's always making a nuisance of herself.
by Currawong Warble May 08, 2012
A "nice shot". Typically used in pool, but can be used in any sport. It is commonly said after a shot involving great skill.
Person 1: "Dude, i just hit 2 balls in the same pocket"

Person 2: "...shot dude"
by Diction dude1 September 23, 2009
1.To say or do something that makes no sense becasue you are to dumb to understand or just can't see reality.
2. To put yourself in a position where no one will believe you.
3. To have nothing.
Jeff: Man I really love ol girl I don't know why she keep sleeping with my brother.

Frank: Man you shot go somewhere else and cry.
by Getto Psycologist August 10, 2009
Ugly, without any chance of ever looking good.
Ew, did he just try to holla at you? He hella shot.
by Rakeda September 30, 2007
Adj; Describes a state of malarkey coupled with unbridled silliness. Usually created under the influence of drugs, and has strong pot-head appeal.
1. "In last night's episode of South Park, Oprah's vagina and asshole take hostages at gun point, and a talking towel saves the day. Shot."

2. "Bobby Valentine, as coach of the New York Mets, was once ejected from a game, and came back an hour later in a disguise. He sat in the dugout with a fake mustache and wig. Totally shot."
by Towellieeeee November 03, 2006
This word is used to decribe someone who is funny but they don't really know it or when their humor comes naturally. This is not a word to just throw around when someone is funny and cracks a joke...especially when they try too hard. Shot could also be defined as a personality or a characteristic. Extremely cool but funny at the same time. You can automatically be shot if you simply look shot. This definition is obviously shot.
Chris: " that Freddie over there eating asparagus by himself?"
Nick: "Of course it is..."
Chris: "He's shot....SHOT!"

Fuck Neck: "Aww...the guy has one grey hair..."
Jerkey: "Yeah......shot."

Jerk stick: "Why is Al talking to himself?"
Seamus: "Cuz he's shot, bro."
by Freddie Morello October 13, 2006

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