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The '1337' word for 'heat'.
"I pwned all of teh n00bs, I'm on teh h34t!"
by `tr4sh.Y February 18, 2004
A nice tasty sausage, each individually packed.
I'm sooo hungry, I would really like to snack a BiFi right now!
by `tr4sh.Y April 09, 2004
Something fabric you can stitch on a sweater/backpack/trousers/etc.
"Look at my so-c00l KoRn; Issues-patch!"
by `tr4sh.Y February 20, 2004
Another word for 'interference'.
I'm f00king tired of your Mother's chubbyness!
by `tr4sh.Y February 18, 2004
1) Those ugly, scary 'things' from the movie.
2) Tiny creatures/animals.
3) Annoying little playgroup kiddies.
"Did you see that horror-like movie, The Critters?!"

"Those little critters are so sweet and furry."

"Those critters have stolen my bar of chocolate!"
by `tr4sh.Y February 20, 2004
Something you scream when you're up in the mountains in your lederhosen.
Yodelaheeeteee! Shellayhoohoo!
by `tr4sh.Y April 09, 2004
Someone who acts cool and tough in front of his friends, but actually he's a nerd.
"That boy acted like a ruffneck, but right after he broke the window he ran to his mum."
by `tr4sh.Y February 18, 2004

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