A person of female gender residing in areas west of the Mississippi River. Defined by uncharacteristic style and unique actions.
Andreas: Hey look! There is a SHOOP!!!
Nathan: Wow, you are correct. I bet she is from Missouri.
#female #girl #missouri #style #st. charles
by Dre-Polta July 10, 2008
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to have sex
can i get a scoop>> u make me wanna shoop
by kghstp June 13, 2003
Internet slang for "to Photoshop."
That pic of the dog jumping over a building looks shooped.
#photoshop #edit #manipulate #photomanipulation #internet
by outofspite November 25, 2007
Verb- a word meaning to Photo shop: to edit a picture in Photo Shop is to 'shop' it, which became 'shoop', slang or 1337-speak on sites like 4chan that deal with vast amounts of static images. Shooping is easy in programs like Photo shop, and can be humorous, misleading, or can create an improvement in images, such as removing text that detracts from the photo.

Noun- images created through shooping. A picture that has been shooped is now 'shoop', a part of the category of images collectively known as shoop.
Verb- "I was looking at a picture of Hillary Clinton crying while hugging a wounded soldier, so much obvious shoop."

Noun- "Some troll trying to start a flamewar put a picture up of Chuck Norris being beaten by ninjas but it was obvious shoop. Come on, it's Chuck Norris.
#shoop #shop #photoshop #edit #image editing #image manipulation. adobe #phush
by Limones December 08, 2007
A singular sheep
there is a shoop grazing by that fence, in that field of sheep.
#sheep #fence #grazing #bee #grass
by mrmemrme February 04, 2011
Def. To have sex, to say something is cool or good, etc
eg. I shooped her yesterday in the car..

eg. That was a good shoop baby..

eg. Marc: I won a $1000 yesterday at poker

Igor: Shooop

eg. Fowler: How's it going Igor?

Igor: Shoooop!
#cool #good #sex #fuck #nice
by Pigface draper November 12, 2009
To shoot poop in anger, usually at a person or object.
Literally you make me wanna shoop.
#shoop #poop #shit #crap #dookie
by Lexthemermaid November 14, 2014
To manipulate an image using software like Photoshop.
"Did you see that pic of Chyna Doll with a penis?"

"Dude, that's totally shooped. Her real peen is way bigger."

#photoshop #image manipulation #shopped #picture #fake
by thewickedpanda June 19, 2007
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