Last name for one of the greatest persons alive. Always has a good time at parties but will procrastinate at any moment.
"Dude, Shoop, I'm going to name my kids after you!"
by Stu: WVU August 25, 2008

1. To fire one's inner lazer.
2. Fired one's inner lazer
3. Firing one's inner lazer.

It comes from the popular video, The Lazer Collection by Dominic Fera(Fear).
2. My brother shooped an old man good today.
3. I was shooping my friend because he didn't return
my material possesion.
by Timothy Ratner October 23, 2007

To put something in ones own pocket without being noticed.
I totally shooped a 320gb Portable hard drive from Wal-Mart
by shoop89 June 17, 2008
A person of female gender residing in areas west of the Mississippi River. Defined by uncharacteristic style and unique actions.
Andreas: Hey look! There is a SHOOP!!!
Nathan: Wow, you are correct. I bet she is from Missouri.
by Dre-Polta July 10, 2008
When you take a shit before you shower.
I came home from work, and killed things at once, a shit and shower, aka Shoop.
by MrAllStarChris December 27, 2007
An action by which an individual has a bowel movement and subsequently takes shower.
"Groban, are you kidding me? It is your turn to buy toilet paper and you are too lazy. It is not sanitary to take a shoop instead."
by Groban December 16, 2007
singular word for sheep, me and alexis made this name because we hate the word sheep.
damn that shoop walked up the hill away from the other sheep.
by the bombest girl ever May 17, 2008
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