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Altering a picture with photoshop
lol dude i was watching a thread of shooped pictures on shooped.org when i decided to slap my sister in the face.

Her reaction was identical to shoopdawhoop and she freaked out
by Johnston212 July 20, 2010
A bastardization of the verb "photoshop". To use photo editing software to digitally alter an image, usually for comic intent.
Visit shoopthat.com to see all kinds of shooped images
by shoopthatadmin March 02, 2010
A more adorable and logical way to say the singular form of the word 'sheep'.
Aww, that shoop is so adorable.
by hpgirl114 June 04, 2010
A person who follows everyone else. Very like a sheep. Someone who doesnt have their own thoughts or opinions on matters. Follows the crowd.
Sinead: I like nick jonas
McNugget: Me too.
Hannah: I hate ronan o gara.
McNugget: Yeah me too.
Kate: what a shoop shoop!
by Princess Gul September 22, 2009
v,(shüp): To brawl unexpectedly and breifly.
"What you want to you?" "I want to shoop." or "Surely we will shoop for a cigarette."
by Halloweeny November 14, 2009
that word you're always looking for to describe the person who means alot to you:
amazing, gorgeous, sexy, all other similar positive adjectives times infinity
bruh did you see cami furgeson?! she is sooo shoop!
by babybear.shoop February 24, 2009
singular of sheep
Farmer McDonald used to have 5 sheep. However, the ninja clan made off with 4 so now he only has one shoop.
by jimmyclaw July 02, 2009