A combination of "shit" and "oops."
"I failed the test! Shoops!"
by Lankin247 February 11, 2009
When someone takes a shower then a poop
I took a shoop today.
by Rohan Bateman August 30, 2010
when one performs a movement to avoid another person and embarass them at the same time
Wes Welker was able to shoop 10 men in one play.
by Johnson Mike December 19, 2010
Shoop is a substance that is often used in building. It can be made by killing a sheep, rolling it out flat then filling it with different kinds of feacies ( to create different kinds of shoop ) then rolling it back up again and using a hammer to mash it into the desired shape. Most often used in the building of bridges.
The man used thirteen blocks of shoop to lay the foundation for the bridge. This shoop was made using horse feacies.
by Fiddle in the middle June 29, 2011
Altering a picture with photoshop
lol dude i was watching a thread of shooped pictures on shooped.org when i decided to slap my sister in the face.

Her reaction was identical to shoopdawhoop and she freaked out
by Johnston212 July 20, 2010
A bastardization of the verb "photoshop". To use photo editing software to digitally alter an image, usually for comic intent.
Visit shoopthat.com to see all kinds of shooped images
by shoopthatadmin March 02, 2010
A more adorable and logical way to say the singular form of the word 'sheep'.
Aww, that shoop is so adorable.
by hpgirl114 June 04, 2010
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