a verb used when one has no time to use the bathroom while shopping so they end up using the bathroom on themselves
The line was too long so I ended up shooping my pants
by Marviesauce March 16, 2011
Extreme action of toolishness. Usually always wearing tye dye, taking mirror pics, and being sexy.
No! Stop shooping you piece of poop!
by Logan Kimmel February 26, 2011
the act of taking someone's shoes off their feet without their consent and taking off in the opposite direction with said footwear
Omg that homeless man is shooping someone across the street!!!
by KittyKat63012 July 10, 2010
The act of using gay pornographic images to make simple pictures humorous.
"My mom totally walked in on me shooping last night"
by Crimz June 23, 2008
Shopping and pooping at the same time.
Hey Eliza, wanna go shooping later?

No sorry, i already took a poop
by Nenad617 May 31, 2009
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