The largely undisputed singlular for sheep
Wow look at that lone shoop
by Analyze January 11, 2015
The singular for sheep
Oh wow, look at the shoop in the field!
by ThatGeezerOverThere October 28, 2015
Shoop (shoo - p)
The singular version of the word "sheep". Just as the singular of meese is moose, of geese is goose, of teeth is tooth, one sheep is referred to as a shoop.
"can i have one shoop"
"hey dude, look at that shoop!"
"How To Train Your Shoop"
by cindybuttsmacka February 11, 2015
Combination of shit and poop usually used somewhere where you can't cuss
1: OMG dude look at this pic of Kate Upton!!!!
by The Flooper January 03, 2014
When you shower and poop (not at the same time, but on the same bathroom run)
Lynette shooped so long, we couldn't go to the mall to get new corsets.
by BigDaddyJar September 10, 2012
Singular version of "sheep" because "sheep" for both singular and plural uses are awkward.
Hey look! There's a shoop over there!
by MoarNyan June 12, 2011
Verb: Move with a whooshing or rushing; to shoop ones pants
Noun: An extended finger or open palm, used for annoying a person or for urging on an animal.
Adjective: Offensive, causing irritation or annoyance. Having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly..
(V) A runner shooped by.
(V) He shooped his pants.
by Hortonhearsawho July 18, 2013
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