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Used in a situation where things aren't going quite as planned or can be used as an insult to others.

Can be pronounced "Zhithowzzz"
"Shithouse, my phone battery has gone flat again"

"Hey, shithouse, who's doing early shift today?"
by Vindows Wertex August 16, 2006
14 22
A word used to describe something that is not good.
Fuck me, I lost my right testicle! That is shithouse.
by stu December 04, 2002
234 134
1. Feeling of discontent.

2. Poor quality.
1. I feel shit house today.

2. This movie is shit house, I'm never gonna let you pick a flick ever again.
by James_Carter April 06, 2006
66 37
A term used to describe a portable toilet.
I got to go to the shit house, I have a mondo turd that is going to blast out like an ICBM if I don't do something with it.
by codemeister September 04, 2005
67 39
The place where defacation occurs
I have to back one out at the shit house
by crazed_mofo June 30, 2004
44 21
a place or area that is messy, dirty, or in disarray.
"Stefanski! the place is starting to look like a fucking shit house here!!"
by George Kotyck November 09, 2003
47 33
and azzi way of saying that something is shity or crappy
Look at his shithouse car.
by tyrenn February 13, 2008
60 49
Hungover in the worst way, absolutely fucked.
Jordan-"Hey Richard how are you this morning"

Richard-"Im alright, how about you?"
Jordan-"Dude I'm fucking Shit House, I need Taco Bell and masturbation, BAD!"
by Dickson Yamuda November 01, 2010
20 10