*to get really pissed off
*to go tatally bizerk
* dude that muthu fuka went total shit house when he found out you fucked his ol lady
by Joe Clabough February 22, 2005
The west of Scotlands premier industrial metal/hip hop act.
(Often spelt "ShitHouse")
"Did you catch ShitHouse's gig last night? Those cunts can't half do industrial metal/hip hop!"
by peck1 March 23, 2007
Adopted recently as a term used whilst playing poker there are 2 methods here:

1, To both those people (shithouse) who would not bet or...

2, The actual art of folding using the term shithouse instead of fold.
"Shaun why didn't you call Neils all in ya shithouse!"

"Paul, you just folded, ya shithouse!"

"Call", "Call", "Shithouse!" (fold)
by Birchdude October 20, 2006
Used in a situation where things aren't going quite as planned or can be used as an insult to others.

Can be pronounced "Zhithowzzz"
"Shithouse, my phone battery has gone flat again"

"Hey, shithouse, who's doing early shift today?"
by Vindows Wertex August 16, 2006
Is the most important room in the home, where man or woman is most at peace.
"Darling hold my calls, im just off to the shithouse."
by Them pigs June 12, 2005
Something that is shit is also "shit house".
D: The doggies lost on Monday
P: Man thats shit house!
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
Some thing that has gone wrong
say it instead in shit
sounds better
The pigs are comming

by levi & oliver November 24, 2008

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