something shit or crap.. like Perth, Canberra or Queensland
Where were you?
I was in shithouse.
Oh, I've never been to Perth
by Harry1233 January 31, 2010
Quality described to an amount of random, stupid, crap that can fit in a "shit house", e.g. porta-potty
"I have a shit house full of dvds"

"Look at this shit house"
by DenseA October 19, 2007
A slang way of saying something is crappy, stupid, pointless, useless or just plain bad.
That's fucking shithouse, mate!

Don't be so shithouse!

by Rach:-) March 20, 2008
The number one hundred and eleven (111).
'I scored a 111 bowling, man.'

'Man, a perfect shithouse!' (laughs)
by Rafin November 17, 2010
what happens the day after drinking a case of ICE HOUSE beer
Man, I really have frequent bowel movements after the case of shit house last night we drank.
by casey d. March 18, 2008
Something a person would shout when pissed off / stressed about life. They may also call their friends house a "Shithouse" because the house may just be shit.
Bill was getting undressed for the chinese hooker when his wife walked in.

Jodie (Wife): What'cha doin'?

Bill (Husband): SHITHOUSE!

Mohammed slowly led his follower into his house.

Mohammed: So what do you think about my mansion?

by McMasonKrAzzyKiLLa July 29, 2009
Getting shit faced at the SigEp house.
It's Thursday night you gettin' shit house?
by Hand Banana October 14, 2007

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