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A person known for his mysterious behaviour. Often convinced that he knows all. Always incredibly self-assured, a Gav is someone who cannot be messed with due his own knowledge and self confidence.
"Did you see that new guy, he is an absolute Gav"

"That guy at the party is so mysterious, what a total Gav"
by Half_Baked-Ice-Cream December 20, 2009
n. everything and nothing at the same time!
adj. awesome, pretty, ugly, your mom, basketball resembling, super special.
verb. to dance, sing, hulahoop, say the alphabet, run with fleas, slap, stab, SLICE!!
Jane- Your so mean, I want to gav you!
Bob- If you must...

Ann- Gosh, your such a gav how could you do that!
Bill- Im sorry I didnt mean to be a gav.

Rochelle- Did you go to the gav yesterday.
Emilie- Ya the gav was Awesome!! you should go with me sometime!!
by Genious People November 02, 2009
1. noun (derog)

a whiny ingrate, especially one who expects their lover to fix all their problems though they were of their own making

2. intransitive verb (slang), gavved, gavving
to behave in the manner of a gav - often used with a preposition - gav out, gav up
1. He turned up unexpectedly to dinner so they cooked him a special meal because of his allergies, and he reserved his compliments for the wine he'd brought. What a gav.

2. She seemed alright at first but after they'd been dating a few weeks she totally gavved out.

3. I checked repeatedly if he was sure he wanted to come because I'd been planning the trip with my friends for weeks and I was worried he might gav it up. He assured me he was keen even though it wasn't his usual scene and then he spent the entire time complaining and moping around.
by CreamDream January 23, 2011
A person that doesnt take shit from immature little keyboard warriors.
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
Verb: "to gav"

Originally an acronym, "G.A.V." is short for "grossly anally violate".

Thought to have been coined in an attic in Aston Cantlow, UK, the word passed into schoolboy slang, in the sense of getting in trouble, or to feel someone's wrath.
"I didn't give in my homework...I'm going to get gavved"

"He kissed my sister? Oh, I'm going to gav him..."
by le_james July 17, 2009
Something that is unlikely but true


A great person, capable of amazing physical feats
"Did you hear Gav pulled a Gav and slept with Sarah. I can hardly believe it but it's true!"

"Check out Gav running, what a Gav!"
by Viddal Le Tit September 15, 2004
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