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That 40 day long period where Christians attempt to emulate Christ-like suffering and minimalism through only the lamest and most half-assed undertakings.
Jesus: I toiled in the desert for 40 days and nights. Then I was beaten until I lost 17.8 litres of blood.

Self-Righteous Christian Tool: I switched to low-carb beer.
by Andrew Thrillson March 04, 2004
Lent is a season in the Christian Church which focuses on repentance, peneitance, devotion and renewal. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. This is a total of 40 days, excluding Sundays.

Lent is commemoration of the temptation of Jesus Christ and also the Last Supper, His betrayal, arrest, crucifixion and death. Three days later, however, He was raised from the dead. This festival is called Easter.

It is a tradition in the Western churches to "give up" a pleasure or comfort during Lent.
Kelly gave up chocolate and television for Lent.

Lent is the time for Christians to fight especially hard in their spiritual warfare against evil and worldly lusts, and to focus on the righteousness and new life we have through Christ.
by talkshow_on_mute February 10, 2005
1 - the 40-day period from Ash Wednesday until Easter, observed by many Christians as a time for penitence, fasting, and devotion.

2 - the 40 days immediately following Mardi Gras, when all sins from that day are supposedly forgiven, regardless.
He felt bad for raping that drunk girl in her hotel room on Bourbon St, but then he remembered that Lent began the next day.
by raekwon February 28, 2004
A Christian/Catholic holiday in which you give up something such as candy, cracking your knuckles, etc.
She gave up sweets and fried food for Lent.
by Lisa February 28, 2004
The time of the year 40 days before Easter that remembers both the 40 days of Jesus's temptation in the desert by Satan and the 40 years the Jews wandered the desert with Moses. Is also the time of year when your parents force you to church more and they make you give stuff up.
I gave up chocolate for Lent.

Sorry, I'm going to miss that party because my parents are forcing me to church again.

Deadpool gives up killing for lent.
by ihatechurch March 11, 2011
Noun. The forty days of prayer, repentance, almsgiving, and self-denial that prepares Christians for Holy Week and imitates Jesus’ own period of fasting, meditation, and temptation in the wilderness. Today it is popular among the pseudoreligious, who abstain from nominal vices such as swearing and eating chocolate. For these vacuous individuals, Lent is a compromise to the taxing, 365-day commitment New Year’s resolutions demand.
Tiny decided to give up biting her nails for Lent, but forgot about her resolution within a week.
by F.S.B.O. March 31, 2011
A time before easter in the christian calander where sacrifice is made.

2. Stuff collected from bottom of washing machine, JK
"the pope has just declared lent"

A lent collecter
by mofo February 29, 2004
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