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the slang word in cumbrian to say mate or friend
asser marra whens'oo ga'an yam
by sheiky September 08, 2005
a saying to a person u have a disagreement with who you believe offers little threat to yourself.
"yer gonna get a dry slap u little tosser"
by sheiky September 08, 2005
the opening at the end of your cock
"ah me fookin jap-eyes stinging"
by sheiky September 08, 2005
to do one extra of something eg do another push up, have another beer have another cigarette ect, or do extra work for someone for no monitary reward
go on man! do one for the queen
by sheiky September 08, 2005
another word for smackhead
or a smackhead who wears a shell suit and has a moustasche
oi you theiving scouser
by sheiky September 11, 2005
bish means complete shit, which comes from a man called bill bish who lives in my town who had shit breath so altho bish means shit it come from the word smelly
thats fucking bish marra
by sheiky September 08, 2005
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