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Supporter of or anyone currently or formerly associated with Bristol City (1982) Football Club
"He's only a poor little shithead,
his face is all tattered and torn
he made me feel sick
so I hit him with a brick
and now he don't sing any more"

Song to be sung at shitheads
by Rob Bayliss January 08, 2004
I was chillen with shithead last night, I may or may not have gotten it in
by notwyattbecker September 10, 2014
One whos ideas appear to have been formed while his/her head was inserted in their own anus.
Evan Jarvis is a shit head.
by idkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk December 15, 2013

Shitheads are brown haired or dark haired caucasians who have shit for hair
theyd be better off dying there hair blonde red orange blue green or even purple
they think their good even though they dont notice their hair is the same colour as their excrement
"The world is full of shitheads"
"thats alot of shit"
by scotty mcdougal September 16, 2006
An often mispronounced name of of black woman. It is properly pronounced ShiTHEED.
Teacher: Okay, let me see who's in our class. Le-a, Amy, Jayne, um, Shithead?
Shithead: What the fuck, fool. My name's "Shitheed."
by GOOOSH70 March 09, 2011
Michael Hendenberg
Michael Hendenberg: I'm a shithead
by BrandonMclaughing September 04, 2012
A derogatory term for the people in the middle east.
Shit-Head:Diapers Contain shit. Arabs wear diapers on their heads. Shit-Heads
by Brandon/Earl July 11, 2010