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A person with a completely horrible personality. Known as 'Defecation of Character'
God, you're a shithead!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
A card game commonly played by sixth-formers during free periods. The player who finishes last is then called a shithead.
Fancy a game of shithead?
by layla williams December 08, 2005
Someone who brings it! Takes all the shit in the world, all the unnecessary hate and just makes it a little worth fighting for! Anyone who learns that sometimes there's no better way to live than be his or her own judge. Sometimes, especially the further you fall, you feel like there's no way out... so here's a way no one thinks of as a good initiative; be a shithead!! The only way out if you want to stay alive!
Bartleby Gaines: So you can go ahead, sign your forms, reject us and shoot us down, and do whatever you gotta do. It doesn't really matter at this point, because we'll never stop learning, and we'll never stop growing, and we'll never forget the ideals what were instilled in us at our place, 'cause we are SHIT heads now, and we'll be SHIT heads forever and nothing you say can do or stamp can take that away from us, so GO!

"You are now accepted as a Shithead in the South Harmon Institute of Technology." ~ N/H
by northernhell May 19, 2011
A supporter of Bristol City PLC 1982 Ltd.

Often pronounced ''sheedhead'' in a Bristolian accent.
''He's a dirty shithead''
by Eastville Gas November 30, 2007
A name used to refer to someone who is addicted to meth.

See meth.
He dropped out of school because he became a shithead.
by Sanam Star August 24, 2006
Someone who is very obnoxious, dumb, ugly, all round poofter or dick.
Or someone whose head has been covered in some sort of shit (Manure/Foecal matter).
Look at that shithead, he's got so much shit on his head it ain't funny.
by big dilznik September 22, 2003
a person who has shit on their head

persons who hair smells like poo
wow did you smell steph wents hair when she walked by, it smelt like shit. She's a shithead for sure.

Steph thinks shes so cool with that piece of shit on her head.

Stephs head stinks, what a shithead
by zurm1 December 14, 2010