when someone is really stupid.
"hey shit head whats going on?"
"durr..my shirt!"
by kathleen March 31, 2005
one who is completely irrelevant to everyone around them

only cares for ones self
takes pride in humiliating others
Ashton Kutcher is a fucking lame ass shithead
by magicmarkermassacre May 23, 2005
a person who acts stupid enough to have shit for brains. they usually (or most times) say stupid things like "eew cooties!!" and acts very immature
Guy: this computer is gay!
Girl: Shit Head
Guy: what did you say about my cooties?
by aissjdo April 17, 2007
A head filled with shit,
Someone whose head is filled with shit
Joe is a shithead.
You have shit for brains, so you are a shithead.
by Tsu February 04, 2003
A person, or group of people, who do rediculously idiotic things, or a number of them. A very large number.
Sara Sam and Colleen choose to go to Safeway at midnight, drive to South East DC at 1 a.m., and then continue to drive to Richmond at 3 a.m. Those shit heads got themselves pulled over within the first 5 minutes of their trip, stopped in Richmond only to use a bathroom, and then turned around and drove home in morning rush hour traffic. They are the shittiest of all shit heads and they probably deserve some kind of award.
by Colleen M January 11, 2006
what your mother calls your father when he's not around or when she's drunk
"mom were's dad?" "Oh, that shit head? probley at a bar with that whore secretary of his!"
by Sejas February 21, 2010
any person who believes them self to be of a higher value of any other being alive. they will only talk to people who they feel reach their level. they will deny anyone who they believe to be inferior to them, but they fail to realize these are the people who are or equal to the level of the person.

in other words, their level is sadly low if not non existent.
the annoying shit head in the party had driven me to the point where i went zonkers
by wise and noble June 19, 2010

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