A student or Alumni of The South Harmon Institute of Technology (SHIT)
"So... are you saying you're a SHIThead?"

"I'm saying I'm a SHIThead."

by Dark Doppelganger February 25, 2010
Someone who is very obnoxious, dumb, ugly, all round poofter or dick.
Or someone whose head has been covered in some sort of shit (Manure/Foecal matter).
Look at that shithead, he's got so much shit on his head it ain't funny.
by big dilznik September 22, 2003
A card game, usually found being played in colleges or universities where the students having nothing better to do.
Quite easy rules once you know how to play - Passes the time nicely!
Hey, I've got an hour til my next class. You want a game of Shithead?
by Missy August 23, 2004
The name that girls who are still bitter will use when talking about their ex boyfriend
Ex-girlfriend: Did you see what shithead was wearing?

Best friend: Yeah he looked a right twat!
by toastmmm November 29, 2009
one who walks around with an undiserved sence of acpomplishment, some of these shit are, Tom Curise, George W bush, and the state of california
bob:"wow look at dave, that guy is a total shit head he didn't do jack today at the office and hes acting all cool."
joe:"that may be lets go get some drinks...ya fuckin shit head"
by OMG GTFO February 09, 2009
Comes from the Greek SHITHEADIOUS! meaning, a group of people who do stupied thing just cause they can!(A Clan of Shit heads)
we like to have people belive that Hydro sleeps with his sister! We are SHIT HEADS!!!!!
by MonkOfCrunk February 20, 2008
Shithead. Head full of usless shit. Shit pooring from every opening.
Dubya is a shithead. A hate filled, big tent revival sorta stain with shit for morals and shit for brains. One who ate the brown acid and now runs the free world.
by Liberal Bob October 26, 2005

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