A name you call your boyfriend/girlfriend when they say or do something stupid. A compliment to their ignorance. It implies that they must have shit in their head for a brain.

"You shithead" ....right after they just disclaim that Africa is a state.
by Sheila G July 07, 2006
a person who has shit on their head

persons who hair smells like poo
wow did you smell steph wents hair when she walked by, it smelt like shit. She's a shithead for sure.

Steph thinks shes so cool with that piece of shit on her head.

Stephs head stinks, what a shithead
by zurm1 December 14, 2010
The name that girls who are still bitter will use when talking about their ex boyfriend
Ex-girlfriend: Did you see what shithead was wearing?

Best friend: Yeah he looked a right twat!
by toastmmm November 29, 2009
A card game, usually found being played in colleges or universities where the students having nothing better to do.
Quite easy rules once you know how to play - Passes the time nicely!
Hey, I've got an hour til my next class. You want a game of Shithead?
by Missy August 23, 2004
A sad excuse of a human being, often found at home on a saturday afternoon watching Manchester United as opposed to going to watch his local team (Bristol City). A complete losser in life.
A Bristol City Supporter
by Dave December 21, 2003
Why does everybody want to pronounce this word as "Shitehead"? That's an entirely different word, from a Scots origin. Shithead is a very simple insult - it just means cretin, imbecile, unpleasant person, tosser, worthless pile of wank... just anyone who upset you recently. (and how do you change the pronunciation entry for an item that already has one posted???)
George Bush junior- what a fucking SHITHEAD!!!
by notapaki July 30, 2003
This is the work of the Devil, this word. Never utter it in front of your children, or to your elders. Instead use the old fashioned "Up yours, fucker".
"I won't repent, won't lose my mind, SHITHEAD!!!"
by Shithead April 07, 2003

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