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15 definitions by notapaki

Me, since I started drinking too much beer.
(looks in mirror) Oh fuck, I'm a fucking fat cunt!
by notapaki August 10, 2003
Exclamation of great surprise. Not necessarily homosexual in nature.
Whaddayu mean, Chelsea won?? Fuck my arse!!!
by notapaki September 02, 2003
Not the slice itself, but the map of Tasmania. In certain cases, grows out of control and gets into places you don't need it to inhabit.
Gross minge. I'll be flossing with pubes for weeks!
by notapaki August 27, 2003
verb: To Twat, To Lash, To Chin, To Glass, To Deck, To Fetch the fucker...... ad nauseam
If that cunt opens his gob once more, I'll fucking stripe the cunt!!!
by notapaki October 24, 2003
Surely as much an epitome of the American Dream as Donld Trump? And fuck those SEC charges, that's all part of the American Dream.
I wish my dick was 3 inches longer so I could take on Martha Stewart.
by notapaki August 10, 2003
Indulge in consumption of alcoholic beverages; probably until physical impairment sets in.
I got sacked today - fuck it, I'm gonna tie one on
by notapaki August 10, 2003
Depends on context. Either, admiration of an attractive woman or denigration of an unfavoured female...or an honest description of a romantic encounter. Finally, Victoria Adams' husband.
1. Oooh, that's tasty looking twat.
2. I wouldn't touch her twat with yours!
3. Yeah,I butchered her twat last night.
4. Beckham? Talentless, overrated twat!!
by notapaki August 20, 2003