1. Someone who has has shit in their head instead of a brain like regular people.

2. Also someone with a considerably shitty personality.

That dude is such a shithead! He just pissed in the coffee machine in the break room!
by For Shizil My Nizil December 21, 2006
derived from a time when faeces used to be thrown out of windows onto the streets from chamber pots. people who were hit were usually called this name in humourous jest.
Man walks under the faeces falling from a chamber pot above his head and recieves a face full of human excrament.
by Eomer's Gal November 03, 2003
(n) Shi'thead- the Arabic equivalent of the standard english insult "shithead". Can be used candidly without most people grasping that you are actually establishing what an idiot they are.

Also a fantastic name for your dog.
Mok: Hey man, do you like this pink Izod shirt I just paid $85 for?

Daddy Pants: Yeah, it makes you look like an even bigger shi'thead than you already are. Good job!
by Daddy Pants January 12, 2006
Supporter of or anyone currently or formerly associated with Bristol City (1982) Football Club
"He's only a poor little shithead,
his face is all tattered and torn
he made me feel sick
so I hit him with a brick
and now he don't sing any more"

Song to be sung at shitheads
by Rob Bayliss January 08, 2004
Somebody who possesses unattractive traits or misbehaves on a regular basis.
Stop cursing at me you shithead.
by tookis April 05, 2010
what tony blair and george bush are!
bush and blair, what shit heads!
by burngun48 January 03, 2005
This is a good metaphor for a shit head: Someone who see's a pile of shit, KNOWS it's shit, but steps in it anyway.

Basically, someone stupid, or foolish who is aware that they are being/doing something stupid or foolish, but does it anyway.
He knew she had an STD, but he still fucked that chick anyway... Poor shit head...
by Acid Trip Alex December 19, 2010

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