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A useless, going nowhere, idiot that talks crap. see also Gobshite
Feck off you Shitehawk!
by - January 30, 2003
Technical word for a Sea Gull
Those huge fucking bastard birds. Mainly located in Cornwall(England) They perch them seleves outside out pastie shops and nic the fucker right out of your hand.
by Dr Harold Shipman October 15, 2003
A common expression in Ireland meaning the poorest of the poor - a person whose trade is selling cow-dung as a manure.
In Cork the inhabitants of the poorer districts were defined as 'shitehawks who came in from beyond the lights years ago with muck between their toes and nothing between their ears'; 'Beyond the lights' meaning outside the city limits or the area covered by street lighting. Manure selling was actually a trade in Cork. People took handcarts into the countryside, collected cowdung and hawked it to gardeners as a cheap fertiliser.

If you value your life never refer to an Irish person as a 'shitehawk'. He or she may be quite offended.
by D Sheehan September 26, 2005
A seagull - if you live in a seaside town you'll know that to go outside you'll need to carry an umbrella with you to stop yourself being covered in bird droppings.
God, thats the third time those shitehawks have got me this week. Another trip to the dry cleaners...
by Pete September 30, 2004
A purveyor of shite.

From Hawk: To aggressively sell.
Tell those shitehawks I'm not buying whatever it is they're selling.
by Squealpiggy September 17, 2005
Another term for a Sea-Gull as they eat anything
Look out that Shite Hawk is coming after your chips!
by 876140 December 04, 2009
a low life peice of shit, useless son of a bitch.
who could also be described as a backstabbing rat bastard.
shit i stole my dads car last night and he rang the pigs the fuckin shite hawk
by kerry keane October 03, 2006
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