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a term commonly used in chicago, gary, and other great lakes cities to refer to the bitterly cold winter winds. the term has three widely accepted origins, with acceptance depending on the local group. 1. the term is derived as a result of similarities between the sound of the screeching winds and wailing screams of the many raptors (ie. hawks) in the region 2. the bitter winds are attributed to chest colds, causing one to "hawk" phlegm during the winter 3. is an abbreviation for "howling-ass wind kills" because of the many homeless people that succumb during the winter
The fucking hawk is at 40 and they still won't close the schools!
by gravity5 November 08, 2007
A knife or other sharp object, similiar to a hawks beak being sharp
Yo he pulled his hawk out

There was gonna be a fight until the hawk was drawn

he stabbed him with his hawk

Vincent Carbone is never seen without his hawk.
by Joey Grits August 02, 2006
A knife, this is used in harlem slang
pull ya hawks out
ya here AW AW
that mean somebody gettin chalked out
look to ya left look to ya right
now pull ya knife cuz its about to be a fuckin fight
by ShadySoldier March 14, 2005
A noun used to describe cold weather with a biting wind. Used to describe the bitter cold as if it were an animate object.
1. Man, the hawk is out today.
2. Don't go outside, the hawk is waiting for you.
3. I know the hawk is around the corner, but I'm goin' for the car.
4. The hawk snuck up on us while we were walkin' home.
by aarizonaguy April 26, 2008
A hawk is a fucking bird, you scrubs.
Look, theres a hawk in the fucking sky, lets go shoot it.
by Nitehawk June 25, 2008
A male who resides in Dearborn, Michigan resembling and imitating a douche bag with exceptional characteristics; Such as wearing an undershirt that has been cut, gym shorts, slippers with socks, and has acquired an expensive vehicle with a excessive amount of money spent on accessories. As well as the individual having a urge to drive around with the volume being maximized, furthermore regarding the addiction of having a haircut to perfection, saying "cuz, bro, khaye, wallah" and steroids.
That guy is so fucking hawked out.
by XKR175 August 16, 2011
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