The action of creating a shirt.
I have been shirting in the bathroom.
by Michael O'Connell July 21, 2004
Top Definition
to take your shirt and put it over someones face.
guy puts his shirt over friends face, "you got shirted!"
friend: "damn, shirting sucks azz"
by warezscene March 27, 2009
The act of smoking marijuana while doing laundry, followed by placing a batch of freshly dried/warm shirts upon the face resulting in a prolonged sensation of bliss.
Friend: What are you up to this afternoon?
Other friend: Shirting my ass off until all my laundry is done.
by dburneikis August 20, 2011
Shitting in a woman's crotch and then making her squirt when she comes so hard
Dude I was bangin this chick after I deuced in her crotch and she came so hard she was shirting
by Throddleman June 23, 2016
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