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british slang for "change"
used in the movie "A Clockwork Orange"
Homeless Person: "can you spare some cutter, me brothers?"
by warezscene May 08, 2009
Release Group
Dark SideRG=DarkSide Release Group
by warezscene April 14, 2009
to take your shirt and put it over someones face.
guy puts his shirt over friends face, "you got shirted!"
friend: "damn, shirting sucks azz"
by warezscene March 27, 2009
means "give away"
guy "im gonna ga all my pr0n on 4chan"
by warezscene March 20, 2009
To browse 4chan, and scrap all the images that appeal to you
guy 1 "I was on 4chan in /h/ and was 4scraping everything"

guy 2 "uh cool"
by warezscene March 08, 2009
an upload of a file to a torrent tracker
pretime: torrent uploaded 1 minute 44 seconds after pre
by warezscene January 18, 2009
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