1)A large, loud and exciting party; 2) the entirety of any thing or groups of things.
1) Woo! That was some shebang that George Bush threw at the White House last night...I danced until 3AM! and 2) I gathered up the tools, the rope, the spare tire and the trash, and threow the whole shebang in the back of the pickup.
by Lawman October 17, 2003
Meaningless sentence particle used exclusively as a part of the phrase "the whole shebang".

Or, in UNIX, the string #!
He did it all, the whole shebang.
by 256 October 17, 2003
the whole deal or everything put together
Okay, So here's the whole shebang...
by Andrew October 17, 2003
a post-operative transexual prostitute
how much for the shebang with the blond hair?
by J October 17, 2003
The octothorpe-exclamation point (#!) combination found at the beginning of Unix scripts that determines what interpreter should be used to interpret the script. Also known as a "pound-bang" or, less commonly, a "hash-bang".

echo "Hello, world!"
by Clayton Hynfield October 10, 2003
1.A situation, organization, contrivance, or set of facts or things.

2. Everything, the whole lot.

Irish origin???
"Now thats the whole damn shebang"
by the ides of march October 06, 2003
There are many ways to describe "shebang". "Shebang" can simply be an alternative reply to a statement or compliment. The next time someone gives you a compliment? You're reply should be "shebang". To make it seem like insults do not bother you, reply "shebang". If anyone ever tries to psychologize you, this word can also be an appropriate response. Saying "shebang" out loud can also uplift one's spirits.
I'm upset. Shebang! There, all better.
by kooyzni and htebairot July 09, 2010
A women looking for sex. Horny
Ohh, she bang.
by Leslie Carta September 02, 2008

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