A term used in place of crotch (Because crotch is a gross word)
That's girl's shebang stunk like cabbage
by TMac123 February 19, 2008
the art of cooking up your dope and squirting it in your nose instead of banging it IV, ie "she" is for girls
as in shebanging
by evilryu October 19, 2003
simply put a woman seeking a partner for sex
i felt doing pulling a shebang
by jerk October 05, 2003
Refers to either a situation or a group of arrangements to a situation. See also kit and kaboodle.
We considered eloping, but decided on a formal wedding - church, catered reception, the whole shebang.
by Sarah G October 16, 2003
#! perl junk
she bangs she bangs
by Cornholio October 18, 2003
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