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A god of rock who is also "really really handsomely good-looking" and has a fantastic sense of humour.
"Did you know David Bowie was a big fan of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett? He covered Barrett's song See Emily Play."

"Nope, but I know he was in the movie Zoolander."
by suzanne March 11, 2004
like being crunk, but more having to do with being crazy and out of control; like hyper.
"Ah yo! we's gettin hyphie up in herr!"
by Suzanne March 17, 2005
Southern way say what nationality you are...
Guys ask a guy from Tennessee what nationality are you Tennessee guy replys Im Merican
by Suzanne November 24, 2003
Weiner+Penis= Peiner.

Someone who is too cautious and afraid to try new things. Not ballsey, another good word!
Dude, just go down the ramp and stop being such a peiner!
by Suzanne February 28, 2004
the nicest girl alive from the dirty South. she's even nice to little annoying kids who are preoccupied with the lack of "ass" they actually get. oh and she's brilliant and gorgeous too! Aren't you jealous?
Meghan studies for her final while smiling patiently as another kid tells her his problems and she actually pretends to care.
by Suzanne January 19, 2005
a place that has more thai restaurants than thailand
"i feel like having thai tonight"

"but i'm so sick of thai, i used to live in newtown"
by suzanne November 12, 2003
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