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To use philosophical evidence and/or terms to define or describe a being. Usually, "psychologizing" a person is a bad thing. Using unecessary and/or false reasoning to deem a person unsuitable to acquant is considered psychologizing.
We know, don't psychologize him.
by kooyzni and htebairot July 06, 2010
1. The verb form of psychology
2. To practice psychology on someone.
1. I had to psychologize my new patient for four years.
by new_word May 09, 2010
Something you don't want to do to this cute girl you just met. Usually over an ex she feels bitter about. You try to work your way into her pants but end up putting them under lock and key.
Joey: So your ex seemed like a real winner right? Haha! I'm so much better!

Nikki: Ew, don't try to psychologize me.
by NotDownWithDuke November 09, 2008
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