1. (n) an ordeal, event, or group of objects. Commonly used in the phrase "the whole shebang."
2. (n) (Computer Programming: CGI) The first line of any CGI code that tells the program where the Perl (or other CGI language) interpreter is located within a computer system (Also known as the Shebang Line).
1. We took care of the whole shebang.
2. #!/usr/bin/perl
by Damae October 19, 2003
everything that has to do with the subject your talking about
For the party we got streamers, cake, popcorn, movies, the whole shebang!
by CoralDragon October 06, 2003
to squirt heroin that has been "cooked up" into your nose for whatever reason.
Dawg,that guy shebang'ed his skag cuz his rig was shot.
by miosis March 05, 2004
a hit song sung on american idol by sum chinesee guy....ooh god he was amazing
she bangs she bangs...ooh baby when she moves she moves
by john kent January 27, 2004
thing, item, etc.

Usually used as "the whole shebang" meaning "the whole thing"
I got the whole shebang and then some!
by The Evenstar October 16, 2003
The entirety of a group of things.
I saw the entire Barbie fashion collection, but only asked for the shoes and ended up with the whole shebang!
by Monkeygurl October 20, 2003
a female who fucks females with strapons up the ass. waterworks are involved as well.
rosie o'donnell
by luvaman October 17, 2003

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