fingering yourslf
shebanged herself
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
a lame word used for parties, or more common, tests by lame math teachers who get frisky from math
Alright children, get ready for your shebang of education.
by Jared October 18, 2003
A chorus to a Ricky Martin song
She bangs she bangs oh she moves she moves
by Ms. Bouvier October 17, 2003
a package or group of things relating to the topic at hand
She went down on me and gave me the whole shebang!

See "the whole enchilada"
by el jefe October 17, 2003
everything related to a specific thing.
We need it all, the whole shebang.
by robokoala October 17, 2003
the main article and any other peripheral material that might be related to that article
Her and her crew ate the entire shebang
by Michael E October 17, 2003
1)A large, loud and exciting party; 2) the entirety of any thing or groups of things.
1) Woo! That was some shebang that George Bush threw at the White House last night...I danced until 3AM! and 2) I gathered up the tools, the rope, the spare tire and the trash, and threow the whole shebang in the back of the pickup.
by Lawman October 17, 2003

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