Sham is generally used in Ireland, it is almost the Irish equivalent of the British Chav.

Sham's are rare bucks hey. Generally seen out at the disco steaming. They can be seen during the week diffing on the roads like the mad header shams that them thar bucks are.

The mating call of a sham is a sham-flick. A sham-flick is when you wave your hand around like a mad cunt while clicking your fingers. This is deemed to be more skillful to shams than any other art form.
Normal Person 1: Hey! Who's that person over there, diffing in a twin-cam, clicking his fingers in an absurd way, listening to Lil' Wayne, wearing a bright Nike shirt whilst looking like a complete knob.

Normal Person 2: Oh, that's a sham
by Concerned Local November 30, 2010
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Irish slag
A resident of Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland.
Also, a word frequently used by residents of above town, usually meaning the same as American term "dude".
John's the biggest sham you'll ever see.

Sham! Long time no see.
by Shambert April 05, 2008
Originally used in the U.S. Army to describe the act of pretending to work in order to avoid actually working.
"Specialist Little is the Sham Master. He can take 3 hours to wipe his ass and look busy the whole time."
by W. A. Rice October 29, 2004
Irish slang (mostly used in the southern County of Cork, famous for its plethora of slang terms)

a "sham" is primarily the term used to describe a young male knacker, specifically the ones who walk around with a chip on thier shoulder, thinking they own everything in sight, and that they are the greatest thing on god's green earth

it can also be used to show genuine praise, much to the same affect as "the shit".
Dave - " Check out the sham across the road "
Kevin - " what a twat ! "
"my new shoes are the sham"
billy - " like my new top ? "
joe - " you look like a right sham... "
by Emperor Bubba April 05, 2005
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
An Irish word for chavs
Don't go there ,it's full of shams
by p-mccusker October 24, 2006
noun. a person that is ridiculously good at everything s/he tries, god-like badass, basically.

verb. the act of being divinely badass
n. ex: Whoa! He could be the next Shams

v. ex: Look at him Shams it up! what a badass.

badass God sexy abs 8 pack
by dudeimanonymous February 01, 2010
Means The Sun in Arabic and Persian, also in some other languages derived from the two eg. Urdu.
Shams is looking real bright today.
by Lelouch1 December 24, 2014

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