a kid who really likes to have sex with teachers, especially if they are the head of the upper school.
That's gross, she's like 50 years older than you, you sick shams!!!
by shams September 24, 2006
a reference to currency, or money
"Bro, let's go get a dub today."
"I can't man, I ain't got enough shams for that much."
by datnigga2015 July 25, 2012
a douchebag who treats girls like they're toys, and has no respect for them. he traps you in his heart and frees you at his will! all he wants is sex sex sex and more sex. he is a very big pot head and likes to play with girls feelings and hearts. he loves making girls cry and making them fall for him. he is a very conceited two faced fake overly confident cunning guy who EVERY girl should be careful of! he is not the right guy and is a big asshole full of FAKE pride, and dignity. he throws people out of his life like they meant nothing to him and worst of all he is a LIAR. he blackmails people and blames his shit on other people and tries to make himself look good. he is a HYPOCRIT and goes out of his way to make whatever he wants happen. when you meet him watch out. he could turn your life into a disaster!
watch out girl he will SHAMS you!

don't fall for him he's just like a SHAMS!

never go for a guy like a SHAMS!
by drizzyboo. <3 December 26, 2011
Shitty Hot Ass Mess!
Did y'all see Miss Davey's hair?! Honey, it was a damn S.H.A.M.!
by Tyrone's cousin August 06, 2007
Slang word for magic mushrooms
Lets go eat some shams and trip out over the carpet
by Bob Macklin April 19, 2003
noun: a girl with exceptional talent in virtually everything she does; takes a dick to the mouth like a champ; ridiculously smart but even more ridiculously sexy; gives phenomenal performances in the bedroom; hips like cinderella; smells like spring flowers when she's having spring showers (down there); coolest fucking chick that you'll ever meet; likes it raw and dirty; falls under every category: cute, sexy, gorgeous, hot
man, that broad's no ordinary broad, she's a shams.

dude, i'd do anything to pretzel a shams.
by sohard4her July 29, 2009
Slang term for synthetic marijuana(spice), generally in the Central NY area.
"Hey man let me get a hit of that sham"
by Shaman420 April 20, 2013

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