Something that is a joke or a lie.
The American two-party political system is a sham.
by d;slfsdlk;fj November 08, 2003
A good person that you've ever wanted. Sham is a person that always be there whenever you need someone to talk to. He is sweet and romantic but not boring. He is not handsome but pleasurable. He likes to joke but he knows when to be serious. He knows well how to treat a woman. However, He never gives up getting girl’s heart he is on. But be careful, he is full of secrets. He is intelligent enough to take you as a donkey. He is kind but don’t dare to hope that he will be honest to you. Sham is a reliable person but not trustable.
x: Can you trust him?
y: No, I cant
x: Why?
y: Because He is a Sham
by wishuwerenotanactor November 11, 2013
Slang word for magic mushrooms
Lets go eat some shams and trip out over the carpet
by Bob Macklin April 19, 2003
Shitty Hot Ass Mess!
Did y'all see Miss Davey's hair?! Honey, it was a damn S.H.A.M.!
by Tyrone's cousin August 06, 2007
a kid who really likes to have sex with teachers, especially if they are the head of the upper school.
That's gross, she's like 50 years older than you, you sick shams!!!
by shams September 24, 2006
Something false used to deceive people; often used to steal money.
The "Free Vacation to Hawaii" that I receieved in my e-mail turned out to be a sham.
by Phil Errup October 20, 2004
a reference to currency, or money
"Bro, let's go get a dub today."
"I can't man, I ain't got enough shams for that much."
by datnigga2015 July 25, 2012

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