fraud or hoax, a schemer, a street hoodlum, counterfeit,
an imitation...make be"lie"ve.... + + trick ruses + + , + + plagiarism

---schizophrenic soul minds === Devil's Thrown Hello.....

The 11th Floor is a total SHAM, and these ruses claim to be normal ruses,
when all they actually are just trick ruses &&&&&& soulless people
&&&&& plagiarists!!!! Trick ruses should be shameful for what they did
to the silent ruse!! trashy little trampy earth mind

Trick Ruses need to vindicate themselves
from all the shams that they do!!!!! I, silent ruse, will wait!!!
by blthrskt December 01, 2009
a combination of shove and jam
1) I had to sham my cd in my cd player now its stuck.

2) I shammed all my clothes in my drawer now it won't open.
by Anita Peter June 10, 2009
if soemthing is really good it would be sham, itss bare good , its legonary. You really like it.
Boy) That pizza was sham man!

Friend) Yeah i know it was bare tasty i want another one blood.
by Kenedy Amber OX April 06, 2009
a person who loves to do stupid poses in photos dresses the same as everyone they hang around with
wears leggins and bellytops with spikey(girls) or backcombed hair(girls)
they put on fake accents and everything about them is fake
they also like to threaten girls and start fights.
She hopped on my friends Lauren in her leggins and big hair shes a sham nobody likes her
by jesus93 February 20, 2009
Too do wrong. When a person says they will meet you somewhere, call you, and/or do something, and they end up not doing so. Many variations. Much like shady.
This girl said she was gonna gimme head. I called her the next day and she didn't answer. I haven't talked to her for weeks. She straight up shammed me.
by Deandre816 August 09, 2008
sham just means shame only you say it how it sounds, sham.
Tom: I got an E in a maths test.
Jack: Sham.
by hhaannnnaahh June 14, 2008
This is a combintion of 'shit' and 'damn'. you could also say 'shamrocks'.
sham, I stubbed my toe!

SHAMROCKS, you suck!!
by appleluvr24 June 10, 2008

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