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There is cool, there is wicked, and then there is WICKED COOL. Best to be used when something is very 'fly' and/or 'hip' but radical seems to hippy, dope seems to east-side, and phenominal seems to intense to describe the coolness of the situation/action/object.
"Yo, hommie, your tripple backflip of the high-dive was wicked cool"
"Wear some wicked cool bling for the ching ching"
"Tonight is going to be wicked cool... are you ready to giver?"
by Ladedala September 17, 2005
42 7
When wicked or cool aint good enough, but awesome is too good for a situation, this is a useful word in the middle.
That sweater is Wickedcool.
by Richard C June 09, 2005
4 0
Just one of those words to use when you think something is good but want it to sound more expressive. Also used as a word to describe something that is both good and cool at the same time.
This is a wickedcool website.
by Richard C June 11, 2005
2 2
Its not just wicked wick if ur rude, its cool aswell- so there comes wicked cool. Only sad people say cool wicked and only cool black people say wicked cool man. yeah its wicked cool- use it! :)
"Oh my god, that game is wicked cool my nizzle fizzle"
"Thats about as wicked cool as a fat kid with no clothes on. Dude! Not wicked cool!"
by dead fly May 21, 2004
5 19